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Child sexual abuse takes many forms

  • Sexual acts between an adult and a minor, or between two minors when one exerts power over the other.
  • Non-contact acts such as exhibitionism, exposure to pornography, and voyeurism.
  • Child sexual abuse can occur anywhere.
    • Homes, neighborhoods, schools, and youth sports environments.
    • Online, such as child pornography or communicating in a sexual manner by phone or the internet.
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You are not alone

  • It can happen to anyone – even friends and family around you. Even a child you know and love. Even your own child.
  • The financial, social, and emotional costs are incalculable. Not just on the victim and their family, but on society as a whole.
  • Child sexual abuse is not the problem of just one socio-economic status, culture, race, religion, or gender. It impacts EVERY community and EVERY person across the globe.

Child Safe is designed especially for children!

Child Safe is a safe, child-friendly, neutral place where children and teens are interviewed about allegations of sexual or physical abuse, or about witnessing a violent crime. Child Safe provides support to children and families impacted by child abuse.

The goal is to prevent a child from having to retell their story, over and over, and to offer a team approach to child abuse investigations.

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What can I do or say to help a child if they disclose abuse?

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If your child or any child discloses physical or sexual abuse to you, learn ahead of time what to say to them or how to react in a positive way.

The single most important factor affecting your child's recovery is the level of support from the parents or caregivers.

It is this simple: If you do everything you can to support your child, the chances of recovery are much greater!

Know the helpful things you can do or say to your child or any child that will help support them and help them through this traumatic experience.


What to Expect at Child Safe

After an interview is requested by law enforcement or the Children's Division, a Child Advocate from Child Safe will be in contact with the parent or caregiver to schedule the interview appointment date and time. They will also coordinate with the other investigators assigned to the case to make sure ...

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