What We Do

Sometimes, the bravest voice belongs to the smallest person.  Our job is to listen.

Child Safe provides a warm and child-friendly environment that creates a sense of safety and security for the child.  When allegations of child abuse are reported, a child needs a safe place where they can go to share their story.

Child Safe IS that safe place; where there is no pressure and the child can process at their own pace.

The services provided by Child Safe can be accessed by a child and their non-offending family members only through a referral process, initiated by law enforcement, Children's Division, or another investigative agency.

Forensic Interviews

baby girl close up on eyeAt Child Safe, children have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with a trained Forensic Interviewer who is an expert in a research based, legally defensible protocol.  The interview is digitally recorded and structured to lessen the number of times a child has to be interviewed.

Family Advocacy

Happy famliyAdvocates play a key role in helping to support the child  and the non-offending caregiver throughout the investigation and prosecution of the case. Families can obtain ongoing support from specialized Child Advocates who provide case updates, answer questions, address concerns, and attend court when requested to offer assistance and guidance.  


small baby sits near different paints

And because a child needs continuous support from caring individuals to help navigate this journey; every child is offered therapy services provided by Child and Family Therapists, who specialize in trauma informed treatment.


Male business speaker giving a talk at business conference event.Child Safe offers specialized training to enhance professional skills to effectively respond to child sexual and severe physical abuse.  Every staff member, volunteer, and intern at Child Safe of Central Missouri, Inc. is a mandated reporter. We take this responsibility seriously. Each member of our team is required to take the mandated reporter training to ensure that proper steps are being taken.  We offer free mandated reporter training to organizations and businesses. We invite you to reach out to us and we can set up a training and slide show, which is a two hour training class.


By educating the community, we provide an educational component to enhance community awareness and the understanding of child sexual and severe physical abuse.  Getting out into the community is the best way to build awareness of what Child Safe is and what a child advocacy center does.  If you would like us to speak at your event or weekly meeting, contact us to schedule this.