What to Expect after the Referral

After an interview is requested by law enforcement or the Children's Division, a Child Advocate from Child Safe will be in contact with the parent or caregiver to schedule the interview appointment date and time. They will also coordinate with the other investigators assigned to the case to make sure they can attend the interview.

Friendly Greeting for Children & Caregivers

An appointment is made with our team at Child Safe so when children and their caregivers arrive at Child Safe, they are greeted by a caring, professional who helps put children at ease and answers preliminary questions from the family.

Forensic Interviews

We listen . . . children have a voice.

We want children and their families to heal, but to do this we need to start with the child or teen’s formal and detailed statement of what happened.

Family Advocacy

Help for the family.

During the child's interview, a Child Advocate meets with the child's family to listen to them, offer support and understanding, provide crisis intervention, referrals for specialized medical and mental health services, and information about the investigation and legal process.

Therapy Services

Trauma-informed therapy services are offered to every child and their non-offending caregiver seen at Child Safe.

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Teaming Up Against Child Abuse. Many Agencies - One Focus - Our Children.

Part of the Child Safe team consists of members from other disciplines who make up our multi-disciplinary team:

  • Children’s Division
  • Law Enforcement
  • The Juvenile Office
  • Prosecutors Office
  • Medical Experts
  • Mental Health Professionals