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Research shows that about 75% of physical abuse starts as physical discipline that has gone to far. One in five parents resort to physical discipline, and that many more engage in yelling, shouting, or emotional abuse.  There are years of data showing spanking is ineffective—and in fact, harmful to kids. But often the topic is avoided and ignored.  Most people don't think they're going to cross that line from physical punishment to physical abuse until they do.

*This page provides very helpful information from No Hit Zone.  Their mission is:

To create an environment of comfort and safety for parents, families, and staff present in every location and facility. A No Hit Zone sets a precedent within the community and establishes a commitment to the promotion of effective parenting techniques by instilling that:

  • No adult shall hit a child
  • No child shall hit another child
  • No adult shall hit another adult
  • No child shall hit an adult

Here are some links to provide you with additional information to become a NO HIT ZONE.


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No Hit Zone flyer"Dear Parents, did you know...        ?"

  • 1574 studies proved spanking is harmful
  • spanking shrinks brains
  • the Bible doesn't support hitting
  • spanking doesn't stop temper tantrums
  • spanking doesn't stop crying
  • spanking doesn't stop aggression
  • spanking doesn't teach safety
  • spanking doesn't help kids go to sleep
  • spanking doesn't help potty train kids
  • spanking doesn't stop whining
  • spanking doesn't fix bad grades
  • spanking doesn't stop school misbehavior
  • spanking doesn't stop siblings from fighting
  • spanking doesn't teach good phone use
  • spanking doesn't stop children from dressing provocatively
  • spanking doesn't teach respect
  • spanking doesn't stop children from running away
  • spanking doesn't stop illegal activity
  • spanking doesn't stop sexting
  • spanking doesn't make children obedient
  • no one intends to hurt their children


"Try this.... instead of this...."         More information can be found at Painless Parenting