Celebration of Groundbreaking on new center

5 adults breaking ground

Tuesday, August 5th, Child Safe of Central Missouri celebrated our long-awaited Groundbreaking Ceremony on our future new center at 3307 W. Main St. The new center has an estimated completion date of February 2021. This new center will be twice the size at 4,000 square feet, compared to our current house which is 1800 square feet at 102 East 10th.

We are so excited to see construction begin on the center. The planning for this building started about a year and half ago when we started working with Josh Kroeger, Kevin Kroeger, and Ken Weymouth with KPIII on getting Child Safe a new building. They teamed up with Robert Rollings Architects LLC and were determined to make this dream and need a reality.

Once the new center is completed, Child Safe will be able to provide additional services. There will be two interview rooms instead of one, which will help with the overlapping of families and their privacy. Our therapy will be housed at the center, instead of their separate location, so we will be under one building. The new center will also provide a reception area, 2 family rooms, a second entrance for children’s division and law enforcement. Plus, the new center will provide additional security for families and staff as well.

Child Safe has progressed over the past 20 years because of community support and partnerships such as with KPIII Properties. Everyone that attended the ceremony speaks volumes to our community’s commitment to the fight against child abuse. Over the past 20 years, Child Safe has been able to provide a voice for children who have had the courage to speak the unspeakable and somehow have the strength and ability to come forward during some of the more horrific acts of abuse. Child Safe has been and will remain committed to providing a safe environment where a child’s voice is heard and respected.