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How do offenders gain access to children?

How do offenders gain access to children?

Some offenders use tactics to gain access to children. These tactics might include:

Looking for and finding an approachable child.
Abusers will look for children they may have easy access to, such as their own children, friends, relatives, and neighbors. They will usually look for children who seek emotional attention or other special needs.

Establishing a relationship with the child.
Abusers will build a rapport and trust with the child by playing with them, being their friend, buying presents, and giving the time and attention a child wants and needs.

Desensitizing a child's resistance to touch.
Because the abuser has established a personal relationship with the child, the physical contact they have with the abuser may become confusing as to what is okay. By playing games or wrestling, the abuser may use this as a chance to touch the child sexually without the child realizing what is happening.

Isolating the child.
Abusers will make themselves available to the family and the child so that they may find themselves alone with the child. They might use the opportunity to baby-sit or to have the child spend the night.

Blaming the child into keeping their secret.
Abusers shift the responsibility to the child so they will feel guilty and not tell anyone.
"You know you like the way I touch you."
"If you tell, people will think you are bad."
"If you tell our special secret, I will go to jail."
"If you tell your mother, she won't love you anymore."