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Why is Child Safe Needed?

Why is Child Safe Needed?

Legal, social service, medical and mental health systems are designed for adults, not children. Child Safe brings these systems together in a place designed especially for children, thus supporting and enhancing investigation, prosecution and treatment. The trauma for the child is reduced and healing for the child and family can begin.

When a suspected case of child abuse is reported, several agencies become involved in the investigation. Child Safe provides a common location where involved agency representatives can meet as a multi-disciplinary team, monitoring a single interview with the child via closed-circuit television. Child Advocacy services are provided to the child/family, with referrals to appropriate providers of mental health and medical services.

The multi-disciplinary team determines and coordinates immediate follow-up actions of the various agencies before adjourning. A case review team then oversees and regularly reviews cases until final outcomes are reached. This ensures cases are being properly investigated and prosecuted while the victim and family are provided with services needed to restore them to maximum functioning.

Child Safe’s service area includes Pettis and the ten surrounding counties of Benton, Carroll, Chariton, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Linn, Moniteau, Morgan, and Saline. A volunteer Board of Directors govern Child Safe’s operation, and a director hired by the board administers the program.