Excited male and femail rejoice in winning an online auction

Update: 6/22/2020

Successful Online Auction

Due to Covid 19, Child Safe made a hard decision but the best decision to cancel our June 13th Cottontails Eggs-Travaganza Event. Safety of our community and safety of our staff is most important so the decision had to be made.  We decided to try something we had never done, and we put on an online auction with our prizes.  Our Sponsors stood behind us on our decision and all the businesses that donated prizes wanted us to keep the donations for our online auction fundraiser.  Through the service of Bid Beacon, our auction started at 8am on Monday, June 15th and came to a final close on Wednesday, June 17th, at 8:15pm.  We were extremely pleased with the outcome and the customer response to the auction was fantastic.  Through everyone’s generosity and bidding, we sold out of all items and sold out of our mystery prize egg-cartons.  Our auction raised over $9,000 all thanks to our many sponsors and supporters.  Thank you to all the bidders over our 11 counties we serve. The money raised will help fill some of the gap needed to support our mission of: “To Respond to and Prevent Child Abuse, Help Families Heal, and Restore Childhood Hope.”

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